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Floris White Rose

Floris White Rose

120,00 €Precio

Meet the new bloom, confident and modern, self-assured and warm, an elegant contradiction of silk and spice. 

Discover a bouquet of velvet roses, sparkling with an unexpected splash of cool iris, wrapped in warm amber and rich, earthy musk. Uncover a story of contrasts –the old world and the new, the perfect with the imperfect, drama and poise, town and country.

Drawing on the creative home of the Floris family, White Rose has its heart in London’s Mayfair. Surrounded by beauty and art, fashion and architecture, the scene forms a natural backdrop for the scent’s timeless vibrancy.



Aldehydic | Carnation | Green


Iris | Rose | Jasmine | Violet


Amber | Musk | Powdery Notes

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